The Shroom Boom

Updated: Mar 22

A growing list of psychedelic stock are hitting the market.

In an effort to expand the capabilities of the medical field and follow current trends, where consumers are steering towards plant based alternatives, companies are being to investigate the potential of psychedelic medicine and are looking to raise capital in the public market.

Many people did not take Colorado's legalization of cannabis seriously, psychedelics are the next boom. Still in the early stages, the promising potential of shrooms have, of course, attracted savvy investors as an emerging investment opportunity.

The real coin in magic mushrooms will be FDA approved drugs used for the treatment of depression, mental health and opioid dependency.

While ketamine have shown effective in treating depression, its highly addictive properties are making psilocybin the better option. In a small clinical trail patients with major depressive disorders who were given two doses of psilocybin along with psychotherapy showed a reduction in depressive symptoms; the psychedelic's therapeutic effects persisted for 4 weeks with minimal side effects. With that, investment banks like Eight Capital, Mackie Research Capital Corporation and others are beginning to take interest in raising capital

Here's 3 of our psychedelic stocks to watch & why;

Mind Medicine (Ticker: MMEDF)

Currently (at the time of this article, things change fast) on an uptrend and offers the most diverse selection of psychedelic drugs currently in clinical development.

Ehave, Inc. (Ticker: EHVVF)

It's cheap, recently confirmed plans to expand to Jamaica and is pioneering a platform to for medical practitioners to administer ketamine to patients at home

Minerco (MINE) Recently launched cryptocurrency, SHRU Coin, and increased psilocybin production capacity by purchase of WLLCO Inc.

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