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Much of America’s cities are experiencing a renaissance. Areas that were once destitute are now beginning to thrive economically. Still, more than 23 million people live in food deserts, a majority being low-income black and brown enclaves, struggling more than ever. These same residents are not only faced with limited access to healthy plant based options, therefore, limited means to overall health. They lack access to knowledge and resources that can help them maintain said lifestyle in an urban setting.

The PotLuck DC is a communal network that connects its members to the resources and businesses that will help them lead a sustainable lifestyle in their concrete jungle. Our main area of focus will be educating on the proper regulations and restrictions around farming food to table and cultivating cannabis and cannabis-related products. As well as connecting them to exclusive services, hemp-based and plant-based products, most importantly, we’ve placed an emphasis on reviving and renewing the natural ecosystem.


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 We are currently working on an alley beautification project with The Mint Project & DC Doors
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